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As in previous EUSARF conferences, there will be Plenary Sessions, Symposia, Open Sessions and Poster Workshops

All keynote speakers are confirmed:

Bo Vinnerljung (Sweden) - "Health care in Europe for children in out-of-home care"

Hans Grietens (NL) - “Studying Historic Abuse of children in Foster Families: A Researcher’s Journey”

Janet Boddy (UK) - “Navigating Precarious Moments? The Experience of Young Adults who have been in Care in Norway, Denmark and England”

Jill Berrick (USA) - “Principled Practice: Navigating the Competing Ideals that Animate Child Protection”

Kalwant Bhopal (UK) - ”'What about us': Gypsies, Travellers, White Racism and White Privilege in Schools”

Katrin Križ (USA) – “Policies on Child Protection Removals of Newborns”

Maria Barbosa-Ducharne (Portugal) - “Child and Youth Care in Portugal: Towards Progress and Innovation ”

Marit Skivenes (Norway) - "Court-level Policies on Child Protection Removals of Newborn Children"

Mildred Mushunje (Zimbabwe) - “Harnessing the informal networks for strengthened child protection services”

Robbie Gilligan (Ireland) - “Work: A New Frontier in Promoting Positive Transitions for Young People Leaving Care”

Shalhevet Schwartz-Attar (Israel) - “Experiences of Victimization by Peers and Staff in Residential Care from an Ecological Perspective”


There will be two Plenary Sessions per day and two keynote speakers in each one, with simultaneous translation.


All Invited Symposia are confirmed and coordinated by:

Ann Phoenix (UK) - “Intersectionality, Childhoods and Family Practices”

Daniela Reimer (Germany) - “Narrative Research on the Foster Care Experience”

Elizabeth Fernandez (Australia) – “Understanding Reunification from Care: Messages from Research, Policy and Practice”

Fred Wulczyn (USA) & Harriet Ward (UK) – “Infants, Toddlers, and Child Protection: Emerging Evidence and The Need for a Transdisciplinary International Network”

Gerald P. Mallon (USA) – “LGBTQ Youth in Residential Programs”

Hilda Paredes Dávila (Mexico) - Symposium in Portuguese/Spanish – “The promotion of welfare in Mexican children and young people: Multiple perspectives”

Isabel Soares (Portugal) – “Attachment disturbances in residential and foster care: Research and intervention”

Jesús Palacios (Spain) – “Adoption: Relationships between families and within the family”

Jorge del Valle (Spain) – “Equipping young people for their transition to adulthood from care: Innovative programs and tools”

Lisa Holmes (UK) - "The role of residential care in child welfare systems"

Mariana Incarnato (Argentina) - “Leaving care in Latin America: Research, policy and practice”

Mike Stein (UK) & Harriet Ward (UK) “Transitions from care to adulthood:  Exploring historical narratives”

Monica López (NL) – “Decision-making in child protection”

Orlanda Cruz & Maria Filomena Gaspar (Portugal) - "Evidence-based parenting interventions: Who benefits and why and how much do they cost?"

Shlomo Romi & Emmanuel Grupper, (Israel) - "Nonformal Education, Social Pedagogy, and Social Education: How three concepts relate in designing care programs for adolescents and young adults at risk"

Tarja Pösö (Finland) – “The participation of children and families in decision-making”

Virginia Strand (USA) - "Building Trauma Responsive Organizations"



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